April 4, 2022, 10:04 AM

Day 4--Morning in Warsaw.

While we were supposed to report to our volunteer positions today, we have some unfinished business such as finding an ATM that works (or that we know how to work!) making sure we know how to get to the place where we are staying and then, from there, to the border and back. The drive will take approximately 5 hours. We've got a great rental car but we're not as excited about driving in the middle of snow storms through an unknown country at night time, especially as people who are not from here. So we are opting to cut our volunteering day short today in order to make sure that we are doing the safest possible things. As I write this, I think it might be better for me to do mini blogs when I'm able to, at least when I have an internet signal.

From today's one minute prayer journal, which is how we start each day: read Proverbs 9:10, and then this reflection "My desire to know and understand my world and the people and situations in it will only be realized when I know you (God) intimately."

Perfect or what? Holding the hand of Jesus as we go forward in love and trust.

--Posted first on Facebook with photos -- Holly