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Sunday "In-Person" Services are held at 8:00 and 10 am. Our 10 am service is live streamed on FB Live. We provide a live broadcast of our Sunday morning service, our Wednesday Bible Study and our Wednesday evening Compline Service on Facebook Live. We welcome both in person and online attendees at our Bible Study on Wednesday mornings at 10 am and for our online Compline (or Evening Prayer) Service on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm.
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  • A Letter from +Bishop Jeremiah to our Diocese

    February 26, 2024

    Photo from the Presiding Bishop's Facebook Page


    God has called us to walk together, as blessed companions, guided into the vast future by the Holy Spirit. I've believed that for a while.  

    From the moment I first glanced the search profile, back in Fall of 2022, I sensed that God had something good in mind for us. When I arrived at Christ the King for the first time, in April of last year, to spend time with the Profile and Search Committee, I could feel a future. During the ABC tour, when I first met many of you, the welcome was rich and the air alive with possibility.

    And then, on Election Day, September 9 of 2023, I received a phone call from my meet-and-greet shepherd, Sue Ellen Ruetsch. She greeted me: "Hello, Bishop." And in a moment, my life changed forever.

    Since early January, I have been in the diocese, on the ground, on the road. The learning curve is, admittedly, steep; the questions and requests plentiful; the challenges are many and varied; and the meetings are usually back-to-back. And I feel tremendously blessed to be called by God, and by you, to this holy work. I feel alive in a new way, the way one feels when one is exactly where one is meant to be

    After months of being your Bishop-elect, I am exceedingly pleased to now be your Bishop. February 24 is a day that will forever be impressed on my soul. The event was soaked through with holy love and fueled by abundant joy. I could feel your support and your prayers. I treasure the ways in which you have welcomed me into my office.

    The gifts I received during the consecration liturgy will forever serve as reminders of your love and trust. No matter where I am, when I look down at my ring, I will think of you and our bond.  

    I am touched by your care. I am humbled by your embrace of me, my ministry, and my family. I am strengthened by your companionship. And I am consumed by hope for the future God has in store for our diocese. 

    Your Bishop,



  • Consecration of Bishop Jeremiah Williamson, Tenth Bishop of the Diocese of Albany

    The live stream of the consecration of the Tenth Bishop of Albany, the Rev. Jeremiah Williamson, will begin after 10 a.m. The first procession will begin at 10:30 a.m., and the Consecration service proper will begin at at 11 a.m.

    For a copy of the Consecration program, with information about the service, the music and the participants, click on this link: Consecration Program

    For a direct link to the YouTube page with the live stream or any other questions you may have about the consecration, so to
    Consecration live stream and info


  • Materials for Sunday Services, Season of Lent 2024

    View or Print Lent Worship Leaflet with Penitential Rite, Lent 2024