Day 329 “Surrender” Philippians 1 – 2 By Glogger, Sandra Weiler from Christ Church, Duanesburg
November 26, 2021, 10:09 AM

Day 329 “Surrender” Philippians 1 – 2  By Glogger, Sandra Weiler from Christ Church, Duanesburg

Worry less, pray more…..

Paul was imprisoned for his beliefs so he was not able to travel to the new churches. Then he learns that there are faith differences that caused splits within the church and conflicts between its members. Paul responds by providing the Philippians a lesson in prayer.

I love passages like this (and have blogged about that fact) because we all could use a reminder about prayer. Paul’s breakdown is pretty simple - ask for assistance - make it known- and do it with thanksgiving. For when we pray, we give over our problems, issues, or obstacles in exchange for peace. As a result of trusting God with our concerns and petitions, we join into a truly intimate relationship with Him which then extends to all servants of Christ Jesus.

Paul believes that the strength we derive from prayer, from giving over all our fears and adversities, is an inner sense of contentment and peace. Paul was physically confined to a jail cell under conditions that were most certainly not comfortable by any means, but his heart was filled with joy and peace. Paul gave thanks for what it felt to be a follower of Christ. He understood that his past adherence to the Jewish laws were not what was going to bring him salvation – nothing external that he did - or that we do - can bring us salvation. Salvation comes from living a life where Christ Jesus is central in our hearts. Prayer and faith in Jesus is the answer.

That faith, the release of fear and a focused attention can break down barriers of dissent and disagreement - the worry is released by prayer. Paul challenged the Philippians to live their lives in prayer, to be disciplined, to have humility, and to be unified in the zeal to feel full of the spirit. The challenge breaks down as worry less, pray more and be joyful in the serenity that the risen Christ can provide.

Are you up for the challenge?


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